Pricing Guidelines

Costs can vary based on the amount of customization required. For example - you may want special custom photography or your site may consist of a large amount of pages. The items listed below will give a rough idea on how much money is involved. Payments are set up on a quarterly basis, with the option to stop at any time. You own the product, so you may choose to change it yourself after it is built or hire someone else to change it - you are in control!

  • Initial site design and programming is $200 to $350 depending on the number of pages desired.
  • $9-per-month to keep the site running including changes to existing pages. $12-per-month for a secure web site (recommended).
  • Cost to register a custom URL: (Example: market rate - $5 to $15 a year.
  • Billing is done on a quarterly basis (3 months). No long-term contract, no committment. Also available is your entire web site on a CD. It's your site - you can have the source code!
  • Send an email to: for any clarifications or explainations.